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I am Sirce Jasso, the Creative Director at Picturistik and a featured artist.

My art is inspired by unique experiences throughout my life. When I started this project I wanted to create a space for artists, like myself, and a place where you can express yourself through your own art or your own way of seeing life, while also collaborating with other artists.

My goal as an artist is to create an experience, stimulate the mind through creativity, imagination, and take you on a journey of self emotions and inner exploration.

Therefore, I created a different atmosphere in each room to inspire a different emotion and a different connection with art or, even, ourselves.

I think art is a very important factor in our lives. We are all artists in some way shape or form.

Being sustainable is also part of my work. As an artist, I find it super beautiful to bring a new purpose to old or unique items. It’s like a transformation or another chapter in their life and a way to become something new and to serve a new purpose. @SE_FIERCE



L.A. native Raul Gonzalez has been a working artist for 18 years. He steadily creates financial opportunities for entrepreneurs and established individuals. His unique and thorough approach to raw art, branding, and design has earned him attention from some of Los Angeles’s most well-known names.

The evolution of Raul’s work is motivated by a desire for change in himself as a father, and a passion to promote his private philosophy about the way art is used in the media to promote business. Raul has contributed his skill to Larry Flynt of Hustler, Alpine Stars, Red Bull, Yamaha, Ducati of North America, Nine West, Project Youth, and, currently, designer Jeffery Kurt. @DADZZ126


I’m @Kimstaaah from Los Angeles, my work is largely inspired by my favorite artist @distortedd.
Through bright colors and lines, I am focused on showcasing my obsession with shapes and eyeballs. Often always the two simple things that help my creations come to life. @KIMSTAAAH


I am currently a senior in high school and I am an upcoming artist. I am very fortunate for the opportunity that Picturistik extended to me it helped me explore more of my creativity.


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I love Picturistik! I will be taking my whole family back. We got so great many photos.
- Sophia G.
Went on the perfect date here! The art was so fresh and unique.
- Karina M.
My favorite room was the comic room! What a cool room, along with all the other. Great experience. Would definitely recommend
- Jan S.